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Login Issues

Solution If you have problems logging in when you know for a fact that your account has been verified and you are using the correct username and password then it is most likely an issue with cookies. Our sites keep track of your username and password using a small file stored on your computer called a "cookie".

The best thing to do is to delete your cookies and temporary internet files. In Internet Explorer 8 click on Tools --> Delete Browsing History and tick the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies checkboxes.
Once that has been done close down your browser and then restart it.

If you still have problems then check your browser is set to accept cookies. In Internet Explorer 8 click on Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy and make sure accept cookies is enabled. You can try lowering the slider so it says "Accept All Cookies".

Make sure nothing on your computer is blocking cookies such as an anti virus or firewall program.

If you are using copy and paste to enter your username and password please make sure you have not tagged on a blank space to either the beginning or end of your username or password. This is very easy to do with copy and paste. You might try entering your username and password by manually typing it.
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